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Showing Support

Parents gathered together at their local school board office at the day of our first sit out to make their voice heard, We will protect our kids at all cost!

SB 673 Why Its Important
SB 48 and Who Voted for It
AB 329 and Who Voted for It
AB 493 What Is It, Why Its Important (part 1)
The Deceiving Statistic Demonstrating Teenagers are at Greater Risk
Are Our Legislators Really Doing their Job, or is the ACLU Reshaping California’s Legislations?
Damning Evidence-CSE is Ineffective
The Irrefutable Evidence Linking Pedophilia, Comprehensive Sex Education, and Consent Techniques to children.
May 17 Sit Out Collage
Orange County DOE involvement in CA Framework
Rally in Sacramento May 8th
May 17th Sexxx Ed Sit-Out
15 Harmful Elements of CSE
Its A Shame
Rally in Sacramento
Where has decency gone