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Many Hearts, One Beat​

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Stephanie Yates


Who we are and
What we do​

Informed Parents of California, through our website, has become a statewide resource to inform parents on critical issues that impact our children's educational well-being, and the role of parents in education. You'll notice we cover plenty of topics (including curriculum e.g. AB 329/California Healthy Youth Act; legislation; legal challenges; cultural concerns; incursions of the nanny-state; parental rights; student survey, testing and other state-sponsored data collection schemes; violations of Constitutionally-protected freedoms, social-emotional learning SEL; school choice and more).

There are A LOT of knowledgeable folks in this group. Bring your school concerns forward (Sex Ed is a big one right now). Use this page as a resource to get answers to your question and share critical information. Questions are encouraged! However, before posting a question that is narrow in scope or very specific to your particular area or school district, please use the search field on the left bar to search the topic. There is a good chance that your question has already been asked and answered. This helps us keep the information in the newsfeed relevant to the majority of the members. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

We appreciate it if you share articles and information that is relevant to the subject of Comprehensive Sexuality Education. While we are all concerned about other controversial issues, we don't want the subject matter here to get diluted with off topic posts. In this way we can focus on how to address this issue. Thanks in advance.

Please share this group with friends and family. We'll share advice and resources and opportunities to engage at the local and state level to TAKE ACTION! Together, we'll fight for dignity, decency and the restoration of parental authority on decisions regarding our children's health, safety and education.