Informed Parents of California was born out of one woman’s quest for the truth with regard to sex education in her son’s public school. After hearing about the California Healthy Youth Act from her pastor, she inquired from her principal and superintendent about how that law was being applied in the classroom. It took months to finally see the contents of the actual curriculum being taught. Today, Stephanie Yates has made it the mission of Informed Parents to expose the shocking truth about the sexualization and indoctrination of our children in California’s public schools.

Our mission is to inform, equip and activate parents, faith leaders and community members in all of California’s 58 counties on comprehensive sexuality education and other issues concerning our children and education.

“We California parents will not allow our parental rights to be stripped from us. We will not allow our children’s hearts, minds and bodies to be exploited for socio-political experiments and radical activist agendas. We will stop at nothing to protect our kids.” Stephanie Yates, Founder Informed Parents of California

Supporting organizations:

  • Pacific Justice Institute
  • California Family Council
  • Church United
  • Concerned Women for America—CA Chapter
  • Salt & Light Council
  • Eagle Forum of California