Are Our Legislators Really Doing their Job, or is the ACLU Reshaping California’s Legislations?

On March 28th, Informed Parents of California’s leadership team met with Assemblymember Shirley Webber’s Legislative Director, Anthony DiMartino. To our surprise, sitting next to Mr. DiMartino was Maya Ingram, a legislative attorney with the ACLU, who was introduced as “the expert on AB 329.” IPOC’s leadership team included Stephanie Yates, Aileen Blachowski, Gheorghe Rosca, Greg Burt from California Family Council, and myself.

I asked the first question, “seeing the State-approved curricula, the proposed health framework, and everything that has evolved from AB 329, was it Dr. Webber’s intent to sexualize our children when she wrote AB 329?” To which DiMartino replied, “I have not read through the whole framework, and I wasn’t here when AB 329 passed, but ‘she is the expert’ in the law,” Mr. DiMartino said while pointing at the ACLU lawyer.

Stephanie Yates then questioned the reasons for teaching sexual consent and negotiation skills to students under the State-approved curricula. She asked about 1) chapter 6 in the framework, where it states, “Students identify local resources for reproductive and sexual health and evaluate laws related to sexual involvement with minors by inviting the local American Civil Liberties Union chapter, local Planned Parenthood…”(page 61, lines 1430-1432), and 2) the fact that he was calling an ACLU lawyer ‘the expert in the law,’ especially after they had defended the pedophile organization NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association), which was sued for providing literature to the man who raped and murdered a 10 year old boy (Curley v. NAMBLA-2000). Maya Ingram nodded with a smile and replied: “but I’m not here to litigate, I’m just here as a legislative employee.”

Gheorghe Rosca pointed out what seemed like a violation of rights to have been ambushed by the ACLU at the table, “we did not elect the ACLU and they have no place in constituent meetings with elected officials.” 

After the meeting where the Legislative Director Anthony DiMartino was uninformed and unprepared to answer our questions, the only one with the apparent answers was the ACLU. It is not difficult to draw conclusions who is really writing these laws, and who is behind the malicious efforts to corrupt the minds and steal the innocence of our children. It is time to speak up. WE THE PEOPLE deserve better than the corrupt legislators currently in office; incapable of protecting our children and neglecting the best interests of our families.

***Update: After the public comments on March 28th, which lasted for several hours and parents opposed the inclusion of the ACLU in the Framework, the mention of it in the above Chapter was removed, and only Planned Parenthood was kept.

America L figueroa, a woman of faith, concerned California mom, and early childhood educator.