Orange County DOE involvement in CA Framework

Below are highlight clips from the May 8th CA Health Framework meeting where OC DOE is named as spearheading its implementation. Furthermore, you’ll see California PTA high ranking members fully support this Health Framework and the Ideology behind it. The tail end clips explains what AB 329 is and its implementation in public schools. To find more detailed information behind how CSE (Comprehensive Sexuality Education) got started in the US and what organizations are the proponents please visit our Instructional Video by Gheorge Rosca

May 8, 2019 Sacramento IQC meeting on the CA Health Framework. These clips point out Orange County Dept. of Ed.’s involvement in spearheading this framework in CA. Furthermore, this compilation captures Liaison Feliza Ortiz-Licon’s view that the graphic books are not bad. As well, public comments from high ranking officials from California PTA (Mary Perry, Kathy Hall) in full acceptance of the Framework.